Our Mission

To improve economically distressed communities through quality housing and social entrepreneurship.

Our goals

To help people achieve social and financial stability and success through entrepreneurial endeavors and to create healthy, vibrant neighborhoods for families and communities.

The Latest

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In Columbus, the need for innovative approaches to attainable housing has never been greater

The need for quality, attainable housing in Central Ohio is real and urgent. Our neighbors, new and old, are finding it harder and harder to live comfortably—financially and otherwise.  That’s why Betterhood initiated the Entrepreneurial Housing project as a way to address housing and home-ownership in a new way. A way which strengthens neighborhoods, retains…

columbus may ginther state of the city 2020

Columbus mayor’s 2020 “State of the City” address focuses on affordable housing, neighborhoods

Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther’s 2020 State of the City address on February 13, 2020 focused on a number of issues facing Columbus’ neighborhoods and citizens. Among them was affordable housing, a topic that Betterhood is trying to address in a new and productive way. Transcribed below are the Mayor’s statements from his 2020 State…

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Entrepreneurial Housing concept, Betterhood team profiled for Spectrum News 1 Ohio

Spectrum News 1 Ohio recently profiled the Entrepreneurial Housing project and Betterhood’s efforts on the Near East Side in an interview with Betterhood founder Jonathan Barnes, FAIA. The piece is excerpted below. A video with footage from Jonathan’s office, the recent Columbus Urban League Young Professionals meeting, and a trip to the potential project site…


Betterhood continues encouraging discussions with Near East Side residents and organizations

The Betterhood team is thankful for the encouraging dialogue we’ve recently had with residents and community groups on the Near East Side of Columbus! To welcome the new possibilities that come with a new decade, the Betterhood team presented to the Columbus Urban League Young Professionals (CULYP) on Wednesday, January 8. The presentation allowed us to share…

Recent Progress – Spring 2019

Betterhood has made some interesting progress on potential prototype sites for the Entrepreneurial Housing project. Three sites in urban neighborhoods of Columbus: the Near East Side, Milo-Grogan and Southern Orchards. All three locations are well-suited for the introduction of new housing and entrepreneurial opportunities for residents. Click to check out prototype plans for a site…